Three special issues of scientific journals

EUNAP project includes the edition of a special issue of the Asia Pacific Journal of European Union Studies (APJEUS) on “EU-Asia Pacific political dialogue: addressing geostrategic and security challenges”. This special issue was published in December 2020, in Vol 10, issue 3, 2020 of APJEUS. The digital version is available at

Another special issue of Australia New Zealand Journal of European Studies (ANZJES) will deal with “EU-Asia Pacific trade relations and economic interaction”. This publication is scheduled by Autumn 2021. The digital version of this special issue was published in September 2021. Available at

A special issue of Cuadernos Europeos de Deusto (CED) will be about “EU-Asia Pacific social and cultural dialogue: involving civil society in interregional relations”. It is expected to be published by Autumn 2022.

The digital version of this special issue was published in October 2022, and is available at

PhD students, young and senior researchers from both partner and non-partner institutions were invited to submit contributions to these special issues. All papers were evaluated in a peer-review process.

Four series of research briefings

The research briefings include the main results and contributions made by the speakers participating in the four workshops held at the partner institutions.

  • Workshop “EU-Asia Pacific inter-regional responses to connectivity and humanitarian challenges” (Wuhan University, 15 September 2021):
  • Workshop “Addressing societal divisions in EU and Asia Pacific: factors, challenges and policy recommendations to foster social cohesion” (University of Toyo, 18 November 2022):
  • Workshop “Regulatory models and principles through the prism of European and Asia Pacific legal traditions and their juridical culture” (Università LUM Giuseppe Degennaro, 1-2 December 2022):
  • Workshop “EU identity: perceptions from Asia Pacific” (University of Canterbury, July 2023):

Selected publications by the partners of the Network

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