EUNAP, Jean Monnet Network

The Jean Monnet Network European Union-Asia Pacific Dialogue: promoting European Integration and Mutual Knowledge across Continents” (EUNAP) provides a multidisciplinary academic platform on European Union (EU)-Asia Pacific relations.

Asia Pacific is of strategic importance to the EU. The region hosts the fastest-growing economies and the world’s largest populations while aspiring to manage security challenges. On its side, the EU remains the largest trading partner for most of Asia Pacific countries. Increasing interdependence between the two regions provides crucial opportunities and critical challenges that demand an in-depth understanding and specialised knowledge of current interregional affairs.

EUNAP project aims to reinforce mutual knowledge by stimulating multidisciplinary analysis and joint research involving, not only academics, but also civil society and policy makers in both regions. As an academic platform, the network will disseminate major scientific outputs on EU-Asia Pacific dialogue in participating institutions and across the world.


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  • Workshop “Regulatory models and principles through the prism of European and Asia-Pacific legal traditions and their juridical culture”. LUM Giuseppe Degennaro University. Autumn 2022.
  • Workshop “Addressing societal division in EU and Asia Pacific: factors, challenges and policy recommendations to foster social cohesion”. University of Toyo. Autumn 2022.
  • International Conference “European Union-Asia Pacific Dialogue: Fostering Synergies on Global Challenges”. University of Deusto, 22 and 23 April 2021. Download PDF