Inmaculada Herbosa Martínez

Inmaculada Herbosa MartínezInmaculada Herbosa Martínez is Professor of Civil Law at the University of Deusto. She teaches in different subjects in Private Law, among them European Contract Law. Visiting professor at Boston College, Georgetown, Royal College of Complutense at Harvard, and London School of Economics, among other foreign universities. She has been Associate Dean for academic affairs, postgraduate studies and research at the Faculty of Law at the University of Deusto. With research merits recognized by the Nacional Commission on this matter, she has been part of different research teams of the University of Deusto. At the present moment she is member of the team “European Integration and Patrimonial Law in a global context”. She is the only author of four monographs, numerous publications in collective works and articles in specialized journals, as well as a principal researcher of several projects.